Scientist / Senior Scientist, Antibody Engineering

The successful candidate will contribute to the development and establishment of an in-house manufacturing process for the company’s T cell platform. The position will work closely with experienced scientists in a dynamic, fast-paced and highly collaborative environment.


  • Implement humanization and affinity maturation strategies;
  • Designing, cloning and transfection of expression constructs;
  • Expression, purification and characterization of binders;
  • Determination of kinetic constants;
  • Epitope binning and mapping;
  • Management of immunizations and screenings at CROs.


  • Ph.D. in molecular biology, chemical engineering, bioengineering, or related discipline with a minimum of 2 years of experience, preferably in a biotech or pharmaceutical setting
  • Experience in engineering and expression of monoclonal antibodies, Fabs, scFvs, sdAbs and proteins
  • Expertise in humanization, affinity maturation, and reformatting of antibodies
  • Extensive experience with characterization of antibodies and proteins using a variety of biophysical and biochemical techniques (PAGE & Western blots, ELISA, SEC, DSC, Fortebio, epitope mapping, etc.)
  • Experience with design and generation of display libraries, library screening and clone characterization
  • Deep understanding of immunization strategies used with various mammalian cell lines
  • Proficient in transfection, expression and protein purification techniques
  • Proven track record of scientific accomplishments demonstrated by publications in high-impact journals

Interested candidates should send their resume to