Research Associate / Senior Research Associate, Protein Chemistry

TCR² Therapeutics Inc. is an immuno-oncology company developing novel cancer therapies that unleash the full signaling power of complete T cell receptors (TCR). TCR² has developed a unique proprietary TRuC™ platform which can reprogram the natural TCR complex to recognize specific antigens found on tumors where they elicit rapid killing of cancer cells. The company has demonstrated activity against both hematological and solid tumor targets in preclinical models and believes its TRuC™-reprogrammed T cells will serve as the engine for important therapies.  TCR² was founded by MPM Capital and has scientific operations in Cambridge, MA to leverage best-in-class technologies and nucleate top-tier academic laboratories around the world.

The successful candidate will support the discovery, generation and characterization of antibody or single domain antibody (sdAb)-derived binders used in our proprietary TRuC™ platform. The position will work closely with experienced scientists in a dynamic, fast-paced and highly collaborative environment.


  • Identify and incorporate technologies that enhance our binder discovery capabilities

  • Support generation of phage display libraries, panning and screening campaigns

  • Design and clone protein expression constructs

  • Express proteins in bacterial and mammalian systems  

  • Optimize purification using the AKTA platform

  • Use biochemical and biophysical methods to characterize antibodies and antigens

  • Support humanization and clone selection efforts 

  • Measure protein binding by ELISA, Octet, and similar methods.

  • Perform epitope binning and mapping using Octet

  • Develop antigen specific cell lines and screen by flow cytometry

  • Support immunizations and screenings at CROs by providing QC-ed reagents

  • Run stability stability studies for protein and conjugates


  • B.S. or M.S. in molecular biology, biochemistry, protein chemistry or related discipline with a minimum of 4 years experience, preferably in a biotech or pharmaceutical setting

  • Experience with the design, generation and screening of phage display libraries

  • Experience in antibody discovery, e.g. engineering, expression, and/or characterization of antibodies, Fabs, scFvs, sdAbs and proteins in general

  • Expertise with protein expression systems (bacterial and mammalian e.g. CHO and HEK)

  • Extensive experience with protein purification systems (e.g. FPLC/AKTA) using affinity, SEC and ion exchange chromatograhy

  • Extensive experience with characterization of antibodies and proteins using biophysical and biochemical techniques (SDS-PAGE/Western blot, ELISA, SEC, Octet, epitope mapping and binning, etc.)

  • Experience in antibody humanization, antibody affinity maturation, and reformatting of antibodies is a plus but is not essential

  • The candidate should be a team player, highly organized with excellent verbal, written, and presentation skills, and also demonstrate scientific rigor and critical thinking

Interested candidates should send their resume to