Research Associate/ Senior Research Associate, Immuno-Pharmacology

TCR² Therapeutics Inc. is an immuno-oncology company developing novel cancer therapies that unleash the full signaling power of complete T cell receptors (TCR). TCR² has developed a unique proprietary TRuC™ platform which can reprogram the natural TCR complex to recognize specific antigens found on tumors where they elicit rapid killing of cancer cells. The company has demonstrated activity against both hematological and solid tumor targets in preclinical models and believes its TRuC™-reprogrammed T cells will serve as the engine for important therapies.  TCR² was founded by MPM Capital and has scientific operations in Cambridge, MA to leverage best-in-class technologies and nucleate top-tier academic laboratories around the world.

The successful candidate will join the Immuno-Pharmacology group working on development of TRuC T cells for therapy of human cancer.   The position involves collaborative work with TCR²’s Research groups to advance TCR2’s T cell pipeline candidates for treatment of systemic and solid tumors. 


  • Investigate immunology and biology of TRuC T cells in xenograft and syngeneic models and develop novel ideas for enhancing TRuC T cell efficacy

  • Evaluate the tumor microenvironment and develop enhancements for overcoming the immunosuppressive tumor microenvironment

  • Develop new in vivo models for evaluation of TRuC T cell efficacy, including studies to evaluate mechanism of action of TRuC T cells

  • Conduct in vivo studies, analyze data, prepare reports, and present in vivo data internally and externally

  • Isolate tumor and immune cells from experimental tumors to investigate the phenotype of infiltrating cell populations


  • PhD in Immunology or related area

  • Candidate must have background in in vivo studies, oncology and immunology

  • Excellent knowledge in human and mouse immunology and tumor mircoenvironment

  • Must have hands-on in vivo mouse model experience

  • Adoptive cell therapy experience preferred

  • Outstanding communication, critical thinking, organizational skills and attention to detail is essential

    Interested candidates should send their resume to