Senior/Principal Scientist, Computational Biology

TCR² Therapeutics Inc. is an immuno-oncology company developing novel cancer therapies that unleash the full signaling power of complete T cell receptors (TCR). TCR² has developed a unique proprietary TRuC™ platform which can reprogram the natural TCR complex to recognize specific antigens found on tumors where they elicit rapid killing of cancer cells. The company has demonstrated activity against both hematological and solid tumor targets in preclinical models and believes its TRuC™-reprogrammed T cells will serve as the engine for important therapies.  TCR² was founded by MPM Capital and has scientific operations in Cambridge, MA to leverage best-in-class technologies and nucleate top-tier academic laboratories around the world.

The successful candidate will join the Discovery Research team and be responsible for establishing bioinformatics pipelines and analyzing data sets that include but are not limited to: bulk and single cell RNA-seq, DNA-seq and ATAC-seq, unsupervised/automated HD flow and mass cytometry analyses, and Multiplex Cytokine data.  

In this exciting role, you will:

  • Make important contributions to our TRuC™ drug discovery programs by interrogating genomics, transcriptomics and other omics datasets.

  • Work collaboratively with experimental scientists to characterize novel targets, and use NGS approaches to characterize our novel TRuC™-reprogrammed T cells

  • Serve as a member of multidisciplinary project teams that bring together our Translational Biomarkers, Immunology, Molecular Biology, Protein and Cell Sciences, and Innovation groups

  • Lead the experimental design, analysis and interpretation of DNA and RNA sequencing experiments in support of discovery and preclinical research programs

  • Inform the identification of novel tumor associated antigen targets by identifying, analyzing and interpreting external data and knowledge resources

  • Define immune cell signatures from public data that can be used to compare to TRuC T cells in the TME

  • Work with open-source and commercially available software platforms for the processing, analysis and mining of DNA/RNA and other omics data.

Education Minimum Requirement:

Ph.D. or M.S. in Computational biology, Biostatistics, Bioinformatics, Computer Science, Genetics, Mathematics, Physics

Required Experience and Skills:

  • A minimum 2 years experience in a biotech/pharmaceutical setting

  • Strong background in bioinformatics, statistics, data modelingc, and cancer genomics

  • Demonstrated experience in the computational analysis and interpretation of large-scale DNA and RNA sequencing datasets (bulk and single cell)

  • Proficiency in R, PEARL and Python programming languages

  • Strong communication (oral and written) skills

  • Excellent attention to detail and high self-motivation; capability to prioritize deliverables among multiple simultaneous projects

Preferred Experience and Skills:

  • Background in immunology and cancer immunotherapy

  • Experience analyzing high dimensional Mass and Flow Cytometry data sets

  • Machine learning experience

  • Familiarity with multi-omic data integration

  • Strong publication record

Interested candidates should send their resume to